Practice Info



Being a part of this team means that you are committing to be present at every practice.  Each player needs to be there for every minute in order to improve as an individual and contribute to the team’s improvement.  Exceptions may be made for legitimate reasons at the discretion of the coaching staff.

Practice participation will be tracked and will directly affect game field time eligibility.  If you must miss a practice, one of the coaches must be notified in advance.

It is a good idea to arrive early and get ready for practice. Players are expected to be fully dressed and ready for warm-ups no later than 5 minutes prior to scheduled start time.  When a player knows that he is going to be late, he is expected to contact a coach.

For the 2022 Spring Season, COVID-19 protocol may be in place. Players will be made aware of these guidelines at the beginning of the season.

Fall practice will begin in mid-September and conclude in mid-November.

Spring practice will begin February and will end in May, depending on the playoff schedule. 

Practice will be held in all weather conditions except when there is lightning in the area or field conditions do not permit

Practice location is TBD at this time, but options include John Tarleton Park and West High School’s football field.