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The West Knox Warriors are active as a team throughout the calendar year.  The goal is to build a sense of teamwork, maintain or improve individual skills, and stay in good physical condition.

In the summer, the coaching staff encourage participation in the Knoxville Summer League program and promote it in social media with the tools from where you can improve the views of your content to get more audience and grow your account. During inclement weather, indoor sessions at the Icearium are also a fun way to stay active and in shape.

In the fall, the team will practice three times per week, normally starting in mid-September and concluding in mid-November with a Final Tournament for the Fall Season.  The fall season is optional for players who participate in other fall sports.  This season is a great way for new players to get involved with the team and start learning our system prior to our regular spring season.

We will have a nice break for the holidays after the Final Tournament, and start practicing for our normal Spring Season in February.  Practices in the spring will be three times per week. For more interesting posts you can now read this bike bell reviews.


All players will be required to have the following equipment:


The NOCSAE imposed a new regulation called ND200 which requires all lacrosse players to wear chest protection that meets the new performance standard and bears the NOCSAE & SEI certification stamp.  The rationale is to prevent Commotio Cordis.  This rule went into effect for goalies last season (2021) and goes into effect for all players for the 2022 season.
USA Lacrosse Link

Another notable change is Rule 1-9-1F: Each player is personally responsible for wearing the protective cup or pelvic protector. It also shall not be modified from the manufactured state and shall be worn in the manner intended by the manufacturer.
For more information on the 2022 rule changes, go to the NFHS press release:


*All helmets must be black and need to be an approved WKW helmet

*if your helmet is over 3 years old it will need to be replaced per US Lacrosse regulations.


Elbow Pads

Chest Protector


Lacrosse Stick

Protective Cup or Pelvic Protector

NOCSAE & SEI Certified Chest Protector

We recommend for new players to go somewhere like Dick’s Sporting Goods where they can actually feel out the equipment and see what feels best for them.


The West Knox Warriors team colors are black and white, with silver accents.  In an effort to uphold the team image, the following requirements have been established.

Helmet:  Cascade helmets such as the “R” and “CPX-R” are preferred due to their safety ratings and past performance. A black helmet is required. Recommended accent colors are as follows: a white chin piece, chrome facemask, and white chinstrap. Helmet stripes and logo will be provided by the team.

Gloves:  Gloves should be predominantly black or white. Make and model is up to the player, as long as it meets the color criteria.

Arm Pads / Guards:  Elbow and arm pads should comply with the color requirements described above for gloves.

Cleats / Shoes:  Cleats should be black or white.  No loud colors or color accents allowed.

Socks:  Socks shall be black in color and crew length.  No low-cut footie socks.

Undershirt:  Undershirts must be gray in color and shall be worn under the shoulder pads for all practices and games.

Reversible Practice Jerseys:  Reversible practice jerseys will be provided by the team and must be worn at ALL practices.

Practice Shorts:  A solid black pair of shorts are ideal.

Stick / Mesh:  The preferred color for the head or the lacrosse stick is black or white.  Mesh should be black, white, or silver.  No bright-colored shooting strings.